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"Active leadership from women creates better outcomes for everyone, not least the mobility sector. At WiM London, we do our part to improve diversity and inclusivity. No matter where you are in your mobility journey, we hope you’ll join us!"
Sandra Witzel, WiM Hub UK

No other city in Europe has more daily transport users than London. It is a buzzing capital, iconic global metropolis and melting pot of cultures, innovation and tradition. In London, old meets new - especially in the areas of mobility and transport. 


The WiM Hub London aims to reflect London’s diversity in its members, events and other activities, to raise the visibility of women in this vibrant sector. We are a place to network, share and exchange ideas. 


Mobility is undergoing dramatic change and our group wants to help women to have a seat at the table, to ensure transport’s future destiny is shaped to meet everyone’s needs .


We invite all female mobility enthusiasts to join our group, from students to CEO’s, industry leaders to academics, tech gurus to government workers. Everyone is welcome to discuss the future of mobility and collaboratively create a better transport future.

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Head of Marketing


Annie Reddaway.jpg

Regional City Manager - London

TIER Mobility

Olga Anapryenka.jpg

Principal Consultant, New Mobility


To find out more about WiM UK, their purpose, goals, the team, and how you can get involved with WiM UK, visit their website at

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